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      The company MACHINERY EUROPE s.r.o. is the leading used printing and binding machinery dealer in Central Europe. The brand Polygraph is one of those brands whose products occur most often in our offer, for many years.

      Radebeul is today the place, where the company KBA is based and where it took up the original production of the company Koening & Bauer producing there letterpresses Dresden by the year 1898. Since 1938 it manufactured the Planeta machines models. As, after the Second World War, this company occurred within the Soviet occupation zone, it was nationalized in 1948 and the state enterprise VEB Polygraph was established. The main and only production of large size printing sheet-fed offset machines, and later on even of the web offset machines, for the whole Eastern socialistic block took place within this plant.

      Besides the Czech Adast, it was the only manufacturer of printing machines within this area, thus supplying most of the printing houses in Central and Eastern Europe for the period of four decades. VEB Polygraph produced also a wide range of binding machines and guillotines under the Perfecta or Seypa brands. In the beginning of the 90’s of the last century, VEB Polygraph was bought by the company KBA which has thus strengthened its position as one of the biggest manufacturers of printing machines in the world. Not too long after the merger, the models of machines were called KBA-Planeta, but since 1994 they were already produced only under the name KBA that in fact brought about the end of the favourite and famous brand Polygraph.

      The VEB Polygraph’s main production during its history: sheet-fed printing offset machines, web offset machines, binding machines and guillotines.

      We offer and buy used printing and binding VEB Polygraph machines:

      Planeta used printig sheet-fed offset machine, KBA Planeta offset machine – models you can see under the Planeta brand.

      Zirkon web offset machine, other models - Zirkon, Zirkon Forta, Zirkon Supra, Zirkon RO 66, Zirkon Ultraset, Ultraset Junior.

      Binding machines VEB Polygraph SDY, SDY EZ 1, SDY 1, SDY 2, SDY EZ-1, SDY-1, SDY-2, Perfecta Sey, Seypa, Perfecta Seypa, Seypa 78, Seypa 92, Seypa 115, Seypa 132, Seypa 168, Perfecta-Seypa, Victoria 820, Victoria 1040, Polygraph Theimer, Polygraph Brehmer, Polygraph Brehmer 381, Polygraph Brehmer 735, Polygraph Brehmer 882, Brehmer Polygraph, Brehmer Polygraph 381, Brehmer Polygraph 735, Brehmer Polygraph 882, Polygraph Kama, Kama Procut, Kama Procut 53, Kama Procut 74, Kama TS, Kama TS 96, Kama TS 105, Kama TS 102, Multieffekt, Multi-effect, Multi effekt.