MACHINERY EUROPE s.r.o. and its trading with printing machines carried out by the current owner, David Frank, is only for now the latest from those many firms and activities having a common denominator – a family line of one of the first Czech businessmen in the field of printing, qualified printer and later (1861) also the founder of the first letterpress printshop in the city of Tabor, Jan Karel Frank. J.K.Frank gained his qualification in printing in the oldest South Bohemian Landfras’s printing house in Jindrichuv Hradec. Since 1854 he led a branch in Tabor and later, in 1861, he bought it. This tradition was continued by his son Petr and grandson Petr, both with the same training, right up to the year 1951 when the enterprise was nationalized. The socialist system made it impossible for the next heir, trained compositor called Petr again, to continue. Thus, he worked in the South Bohemian printing house in Ceske Budejovice (Budweiss), operated by the state. In the beginning of 90s in the last century, for a short time, the tradition was followed by the then nineteen years old - David Frank, the grandson of the latest owner and the nephew of the latest legitimate heir. He bought the printing house back from the state. However, he did not achieve the goals of his business plan and in 1998 he was forced to close the printing house down. After a short break, David Frank, together with his father, started to trade with printing machines and later on he established the current company.

David´s great-grandfather by a typesetting machine (cca 1910)


Our country, the Czech Republic, is famous for its beer, glass, Škoda cars, or the magnificent architecture of Prague, but – at least for the people familiar with the graphic industry - also for the production of printing and finishing equipment (Adast Dominant, Polly - currently KBA branch based in Dobruska, Adast Maxima guillotines, Soma rewinders, etc. producers). Czech Republic was, besides Eastern Germany, the main industrial base of the Eastern block. As such, it followed the technologically very developed first Czechoslovakia Republic, which itself was a descendant of the most industrially developed part of the Austrian monarchy in the end of the 19th century. For this reason, even today, there is a tradition of not only an industrial production of many products, but also of the craft of good mechanics, servicemen and printing machines repairmen in Czech Republic. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, Czech printers took more care of their machines than it was usual in the countries around, they paid more attention to the quality and regular service and such a tradition survived even the difficult period of socialist experiment and was fully brought back to life with the arrival of market economy after the Velvet Revolution in 1989. This favourable trend was supported mainly by the fact that Czechoslovakia and subsequently Czech Republic was, besides the eastern part of Germany, the only country of the former socialist block where printing and binding machines, after supplying not only the whole Soviet block, but also some developing countries (e.g. India), were produced in large series. In addition, many printing high or training schools produced many qualified technicians, mechanics and instructors. Despite of the fact that many companies dissolved (Adast) or changed their owner (Grafitec Polly - KBA) in the last ten years, a very solid level of the maintenance or service has been preserved until now. For this reason, used machines from Czech Republic are comparable, when it comes to their quality, to the machines from the Western Europe. The positive aspect is that the situation in countries around Czech Republic, the former members of Eastern Block (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary), whose machines we also offer, has changed for the better and the new machines bought in those countries in the last twenty years are today, from the technical viewpoint, in the condition comparable with the Western Europe. It is given by the increasing requirements on the quality of print and with the increasing demand for the regular high quality service. We believe that right for these reasons, you do not have to be worried about buying a used machine from the countries mentioned. Our company complies with the increasing requirements on services related to choosing, assessment/evaluation and supply of a used machine and wants to be your respectable partner in this direction.

From Drupa Daily Report at May 12, 2012

Drupa Daily Report

Drupa Daily Report