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Would you like to offer us your surplus machine?

At our website, we have the facility for you to market your own equipment for sale, free of charge. Through a simple process, you can advertise to worldwide audience of thousands. Moreover, most of the machines are offered by us, at our expense, through many of paid advertising websites aimed at a wide range of second hand machines.

In addition, our financial background enables us to make decisions and commit immediately to a purchase of surplus machinery for stock or a part exchange, in the case of certain brands and models, but, of course, our possibilities are financially limited. We also do valuations.

With the availability of time, the sale of a high valued machine or plant may be realized on a sole agency basis for a commission, allowing higher return than conventional sale and in such a case we are able to put seller and buyer together.

To market your surplus equipment for sale, please use this form or Meet our team.

Mandatory fields

Please, fill in the machine type (e.g.: offset press or guillotine or stitcher), producer and the model (e.g.: Heidelberg SM 74-4), production year (at least approximately, if you do not now the exact year), how many impressions / hours in operation and other data in accordance with the machine type; furthermore, the availability (immediately or when it will be), technical condition, whether in operation, sale reason, price expected. You may place more machines at the same time and also attach a picture (maximum size 200 kB/pc) or the machine description, if you already have it written down for example in the .doc format.

The list of brands we prefer to purchase:

Sheet fed offset printing machines - Heidelberg, MAN Roland, Komori, Adast, Polly, Planeta, KBA, Shinohara, Ryobi, Sakurai, Akiyama, Mitsubishi, Solna, Pivano etc.
Web offset printing machines - Heidelberg, Harris, KBA, MAN, Komori, Zirkon etc.
Flexographic machines - Arsoma, Fischer-Krecke, Soloflex etc.
Letter presses - Heidelberg Cylinder, Victoria 820 a 1040
Guillotines - Seypa, Perfecta, Adast Maxima,, Polar, Wohlenberg, Schneider Senator etc.
Three knife trimmers - Perfecta SDY 1 a SDY 2, Müller-Martini, Wohlenberg
Folding machines - Stahl, Heidelberg, GUK, MBO, Shoei Star, Horizon, Bourg
Saddle stitching lines - Müller-Martini, Horizon, Duplo, Harris
Gathering and perfect binding lines - Müller-Martini, Kolbus, Wohlenberg, Horizon, Bourg
Sewing machines - Behmer, Stahl
Die cutting machines - BOBST, Kama, Heidelberg, Wupa
Label punching machines - Atlas
Laminating machines - Autobond, Billhöfer
Box making machines - Jagenberg
Antique machines - i.e. older than from 1950 – whatever

The list of models of sheet fed offset machines we prefer to purchase for stock:

Adast Dominant 715, 725, 714, 724, 745, 755
Adast Dominant 515, 525, 516, 526
Adast 727, 747, 757
Polly 725, 745, 755, 266, 466, 566, 474, 574
KBA Performa 66-2, 66-4, 74-2, 74-4, Rapida 74-, 75-, 104-, 105-
Planeta P 14, 24, 44, 54, 64 VARIANT or SUPER VARIANT
Planeta P 26, 46, 56, 27, 47, 57, 28, 48, 58
Heidelberg SM 72 V, 72 F, 74-4, 74-5, 102 V, 102 F, 102-4, 102-5, MOZ, MOV, SORM, SORS, SORD
MAN Roland 200, 300, 500, 700, 800, RZU, RVU, Favorit RZF, RVF, Rekord RZK, RVK
Komori 226, 426, 526, 240, 440, 540