Technical Inspection

Technical Inspection by an Independent Engineer

For our machinery offer only

As we care about you to know exactly what you are getting for your money, we offer you this service to make sure you are buying the right equipment for your company. The CV of every particular machine offers information about a general assessment based on an inspection carried out by our employee. It is not always a detailed inspection, however, we make efforts to pay a maximal attention and care while gaining such information.

Nevertheless, to minimize the risk you would not be satisfied with your purchase in the end, we recommend you an inspection conducted by your own professional mechanic. Should you not have your own source, you may make use of our services to arrange an inspection of the most appropriate independent mechanic. We arrange for everything necessary and the final act will be a detailed protocol stating the technical condition of the particular machine, including the recommendation of any potentially necessary repairs. The price of this service is individually considered in accordance with the type of the particular machine and the locality, in which the machine is placed.

But please, bear in mind that a totally “ideal” inspection of a machine in the real time does not exist and that even the best mechanic might not be able to discover a hidden defect. In the case you are searching for a machine in ideal condition and with a guarantee, we recommend you to turn to a dealer of new machines. Used machines cost a fraction of the new machine price, but at the same time the buyer bears a higher general risk, because in most cases it is not possible to provide you with a warranty. Despite of this, there are many printing houses in the world buying the used machines to their full satisfaction.

Within this service we are also able to arrange for an expert who can process a proposal of a technological entity in accordance with your assignment.

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