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      The German company Miller-Johannisberg Druckmaschinen, with its registered office in Geisenheim and history reaching the end of the 19th century, was a famous German manufacturer of sheet-fed offset printing machines. In 1990 it was bought by the company MAN Roland, which had been producing its machines under the name MAN Miller for a couple of years, nevertheless since 1995 the MAN Roland’s production has been reoriented only to its own original models, Roland brand, which in fact brought about the end of the MAN Miller brand.

      The Miller-Johannisberg’s main production during its history: sheet-fed printing offset machines.

      We offer and buy used printing Miller machines:

      Miller printing sheet-fed offset machines, MAN Miller offset machine, models – Miller TP 29, Miller TP 32, Miller TP 36, Miller TP 37, Miller TP 38, Miller TP 41, Miller TP 54, Miller TP 74, Miller TP 94, Miller 74, Miller TP 104, Miller 104, Miller MP 74, Miller MP 94, Miller MP 104, Miller SC, MAN Miller MP 300, MAN Miller TP 74, MAN Miller TP 104.