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      The company MACHINERY EUROPE s.r.o. is the leading used printing and binding machinery dealer in Central Europe. The brand Roland is one of those brands whose products occur most often in our offer, for many years.

      The beginning of the German company MAN Roland, in 1911 is connected with the production of the first web offset machine in the world. Sheet-fed offset machines Roland Ultra, Roland 800, as well as web offset machines Lithoman ,are perceived as classic today. The name MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG is a result of a merger of two companies (“Roland Offset- und Maschinenfabrik Faber and Schleicher” and “Augsburger M.A.N.-Druck- und Maschinenbau”) in 1979. MAN Roland is one of the biggest manufacturers of offset machines in the world today. However, in 2011 has this company asked for its protection from creditors and even today, in the beginning of 2012, it has an uncertain future.

      The MAN Roland’s main production during its history: sheet-fed printing offset machines and web offset machines

      We offer and buy used polygrafické, printing Roland machines:

      MAN Roland used printing offset machine, Roland sheet-fed offset machine, MAN web offset machine, models – Roland Favorit, Roland Rekord, Roland Parva, Roland Practica, Roland Ultra, Roland Varoset, Roland Bruni, Roland RV, Roland RP, Roland RK, Roland RS, Roland RU, Roland RF, Roland 102, Roland 103, Roland 104, Roland 105, Roland 106, Roland 201, Roland 202, Roland 204, Roland 205, Roland 206, Roland 302, Roland 304, Roland 305, Roland 306, Roland 308, Roland 501, Roland 502, Roland 504, Roland 505, Roland 506, Roland 507, Roland 508, Roland 602, Roland 604, Roland 605, Roland 606, Roland 607, Roland 608, Roland 702, Roland 704, Roland 705, Roland 706, Roland 707, Roland 708, Roland 710, Roland 712, Roland 802, Roland 804, Roland 805, Roland 806, Roland 808, Roland 902, Roland 903, Roland 904, Roland 905, Roland 906, Roland 907, Roland 908.

      Web offset machines – Lithoman, Lithoman III, Lithoman IV, Rotoman, Rotoman M, Rotoman C, Polyman, Cromoman, Geoman, Uniman, Flexoman, Regioman, Uniset 70, Cromoset, Octoman, Mediaman, Colorman, Ultraman, Plamag Cromoset.