Year of Production:
  • 4 colour


    Sheet-fed Offset Printing Machine

    Reference number: 17041


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    Year of Production: 2015 Number of Colours: 4 Counter: 26 mil. imps.
    Max. Size: 530x750 mm (20.9"x29.5") approx. B2 Availability: immediately

    Komorimatic alcohol dampening, no perfecting, low pile delivery, PQC-U ink and register remote control, semi-automatic plate loading,...

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The Japanese company Komori Machine Works was founded in 1923 in Kitashinmachi, Honjo-ku, Tokyo and right after its establishment it started to manufacture letterpress machines. In 1957, Komori introduced its first four colour offset machine to the world. In 1976 its name was changed to Komori Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. and in 1990 to Komori Corporation.

In the 80’s years of the 20th century it had already manufactured a wide spectrum of sheet-fed offset machines of various formats and it had also started the production of web offset machines. Komori, with its 2000 employees, is one of the main and respected manufacturers in the world today.

The Komori Corporation’s main production during its history: sheet-fed printing offset machines and web offset machines

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