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The company MACHINERY EUROPE s.r.o. is the leading used printing and binding machinery dealer in Central Europe. The brand Heidelberg is one of those brands whose products occur most often in our offer, for many years. One may say that the German company Heidelberg is the most renowned and famous firm of its field in the world and, from the beginning, it was a pioneer in the development and improvement of printing technologies. Heidelberg holds the share of 40% of the world‘s offset machines production.

The first machines produced by Heidelberg‘s predecessor left the manufacturing line back in 1850, in the town of Frankenthal. The company is based in Heidelberg since 1986 and in 1914 it introduced to the world the first platen press Heidelberg Tiegel and in 1934 the first automatic letterpress Cylinder. Not very long after, inspired by car manufacturers, it implemented the production line system also for the production of printing machines. In 1962, besides the letterpress machines, it started to produce also new offset technology. From today’s viewpoint, the historical moment was the introduction of the model Speedmaster 72 into the market, which took place in 1974. This model, together with the bigger format 102, forms the main and the best-known part of Heidelberg’s production. Mainly thanks to these machines and their reliability, quality, and technological maturity, Heidelberg is currently one of the most famous and successful companies within its field and it is the employer of approximately 20.000 persons all around the world.

Nowadays Heidelberg’s main production rests in: sheet-fed printing offset machines, web offset machines, CTP, binding machines and guillotines.

We offer and buy used printing and binding Heidelberg machines:

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