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The company MACHINERY EUROPE s.r.o. is the leading used printing and binding machinery dealer in Central Europe. The brand Adast is one of those brands whose products occur most often in our offer, for many years.

Adast Adamov and Adast Blansko used to be two different firms, although they shared a part of their history.

Adast Adamov is the follower of a company manufacturing steam engines in the town of Adamov since 1870 and, later on, steam locomotives. Between the world wars, and mainly during the Second World War, the arm production was placed there. After the Second World War it was nationalized and in 1947 it was given the name Adamovské strojírny. In 1950 the manufacture of printing machinery starts, however, it is just to disguise continuing arm production during the Cold war. In the 60’s, the sale of small offset presses Romayor machines to USA, Canada, USSR and Japan brought about a great unexpected business success. This was followed by the production of bigger machines, the currently well-known model Dominant.

Besides the East German Polygraph Planeta, Adast Adamov became the only manufacturer of printing machines within the eastern block. The then centralized economic and politic power had decided on it to produce sheet-fed offset machines, of B2 format and smaller, while the Polygraph Planeta produced B2 formats and bigger sheet-fed offset presses and also web offset machines. The firm Adamovské strojírny was privatized after 1989, but, unfortunately, right until its end in 2008 it was constantly about to bankrupt. Despite of that, it produced hundred of machines every year and exported them into the whole world.

Adast Blansko followed the industrial tradition of the town of Blansko in 19th century. After it was nationalized in 1945, it had produced ceramic machines and in 1963, as a plant producing guillotines, cutters and printing machines parts, it became a part of Adamovské strojírny. After the 1989 revolution it was privatized, but in 2002 it was declared bankrupt and in 2005 it ceased its production.

The Adast’s main production during its history: sheet-fed printing offset machines and guillotines.

We offer and buy used printing and cutting Adast machines:

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Some models are also known as: Adast 414, Adast 514, Adast 515, Adast 516, Adast 524, Adast 525, Adast 526, Adast 547, Adast 557, Adast 712, Adast 714, Adast 715, Adast 724, Adast 725, Adast 745, Adast 755, Adast 726, Adast 746, Adast 756, Adast 816, Adast 826, Adast 846, Adast 856, Adast 866.