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KODAK PROSPER 6000 P PRESS complete line with Flexbook and coating unit

Digital Printing Machine

# 23074

KODAK PROSPER 6000 P PRESS complete line with Flexbook and coating unit
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A Curriculum Vitae (CV), (also spelled curriculum vitæ), provides an overview of a person's experience and other qualifications. In some countries, a CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding a job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, when seeking employment. Curriculum Vitae is a Latin expression which can be loosely translated as [the] course of [my] life.

In some way, the machines in our offer are like human job applicants. Some machines are almost new, like a freshly graduated person, while others already have many years of work experience behind themselves. Some machines are more suitable for one kind of activity, whereas others are more suitable for another kind of activity. But, what all the machines have in common is that, from various reasons, all of them are at the moment freed from their last services and are searching for the possibility of a new employment. So, through the CV of every particular machine, meet all the information we were able to get on them.

Basic information

  • Production Year: 2015
  • Number of Colours: 4
  • Web-width: 650 mm

More Details

  • Complete line of digital web printing machine KODAK PROSPER 6000 P PRESS (2015, installed in 2016) with dynamic perforating system TC 8300 and in-line with Flexbook paper converting machine and coater with unwinder and rewinder
  • KODAK PROSPER 6000 P PRESS description:
  • Stream Inkjet technology KODAK Prosper 6000
  • 4/4 color print on 8 units
  • Head technology (which brand/which company): Kodak (48 pcs)
  • Pigment ink system
  • CMYK + CMYK color of the head
  • Doesn’t print white color
  • Resolving power: 159 kW
  • Paper width: max. 650 mm
  • Print width: max. 622 mm
  • Print length: max. 1200 mm
  • 300 m/min. speed by 600/900 dpi
  • 200 m/min. speed by 900/900 dpi
  • dynamic perforator
  • 6+3 knives
  • perfecting 4/4
  • ecnau TC 8300
  • 6x IR dryer
  • video control system of the register
  • Technotrans temperature control of toners
  • Technotrans cooling
  • 208 liter barrel with ink color
  • Storage barrel for cleaning
  • Replen dilution barrel for the properly automatic dilute the viscosity of the inks
  • automatic wash-up device
  • Ink Pharma system
  • 6 ink heads in each unit
  • Recovery station for cleaning and renovation of the printing heads
  • from roll to roll delivery or from role to book block
  • Complete line description:
  • Kodak Prosper 6000 P Press (2015) together with:
  • Flexbook DS 1 paper converting machine (producer Magnum, Canada, 2017)
  • Max. paper width cca 700 mm and A4 max. at the end
  • max. speed 200 m/min.
  • Siemens motion control system
  • Robatech gluing
  • Accuweb web guide:
  • Paper coater Kodak IOS (2011, overhauled in 2016)
  • coating unit with raster rollers
  • Primer coat from Kodak coating
  • 5x spare coating rollers
  • 2x IR dryers for the coating onl
  • Hunkeler UW7 Unwinder
  • Paper cooling
  • Hunkeler RW7 Rewinder
  • All 2011 year of manuf.
  • The line end product can be roll or block
  • Electrical substation
  • Battery UPS station
  • Aircondition and ventilation system to Kodak Prosper

Condition of the Machine

  • Very good condition, well-maintained.
  • Not in production but still plugged in.
  • Availability: immediately
  • Advantages of the Machine: Complete digital book printing production specialised line. Can be sold together with book binder with PUR gluing from the same place
  • Sale Reason: closing company
  • Work Experiences: paper standard 60-120 g/sqm
  • Machinery Europe´s Opinion: Perfect choice for the producer of small edition book publishers. Machines from the first owner. The line was disconnected and preserved by a professional mechanics from Kodak.
  • Disclaimer: The Condition of the Machine assessment presented in this CV was either obtained from the last machine operator or is based on an inspection performed by our employee, just to provide you with as much information as possible.
    For more certainty we recommend your own check or an assessment of an independent mechanic. We cannot provide you with any machine guarantee.


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