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Wrapping line


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A Curriculum Vitae (CV), (also spelled curriculum vitæ), provides an overview of a person's experience and other qualifications. In some countries, a CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding a job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, when seeking employment. Curriculum Vitae is a Latin expression which can be loosely translated as [the] course of [my] life.

In some way, the machines in our offer are like human job applicants. Some machines are almost new, like a freshly graduated person, while others already have many years of work experience behind themselves. Some machines are more suitable for one kind of activity, whereas others are more suitable for another kind of activity. But, what all the machines have in common is that, from various reasons, all of them are at the moment freed from their last services and are searching for the possibility of a new employment. So, through the CV of every particular machine, meet all the information we were able to get on them.

Basic information

  • Production Year: 2016

More Details

  • This line produces mail packets that can contain a booklet and a maximum of 3 attachments. This booklet and attachments are packed in a glued envelope.
  • The envelope can be personalized with an address before processing or it can have a window filled with transparent foil and the address is personalized on the inner inserted product.
  • 1st booklet production: unwinding from a roll of printed paper, cutting into sheets, laying the sheets on top of each other, stitching with wire (2 staples) folding the booklet in the spine and trimming the booklet against the spine.
  • 2nd delivery of attachments: The finished booklet arrives on a conveyor above which 3 attachment stations are installed. This means that it is possible to add 3 attachments to the booklet. It is possible to insert attachments variably according to the settings of the job being processed. For example, all attachments are placed on one booklet only two or one or no attachment is placed on another. This information is contained in the database and is anchored in the QR code.
  • 3rd postal envelopes: unwind the printed paper from the roll you can cut-out a window for the address and stick a transparent plastic foil on the cut-out window. It is also possible to have the address printed on the envelope, in which case it is not necessary to cut out the window. The channel includes a camera that reads the QR code and matches the envelope with the booklet and attachments.
  • 4th wrapping section: at the beginning of the envelope packing (-wrapping) section a booklet with attachments is placed on a belt of envelope paper. A permanent adhesive is applied to the paper belt of the envelopes and the booklet with attachments is closed in the envelope using the wrapping stock. This is followed by the pressing of the product, due to the high-quality gluing of the envelope. The last operation is the cutting of the belt into individual products (postal packets). At the customer's request it is also possible to perforate the edges of the parcel for better ungluing.
  • The line cuts the printed roll into individual sheets lays them on top of each other cuts them flat
  • 2 stitching heads with a wire (staple) stitch (V1 stitching max. 16 pages of a booklet) and then transports this product into a postal envelope.
  • envelopes can be windowed or standard with foil applied with a slitting knife
  • finished product max. format A4
  • min. A5 format
  • 3 attachment units - leaflets, booklets can be inserted
  • control by camera system
  • personification - product and envelope addressed to individual recipients
  • delivery station - guarded by a camera system to report that the packet was completed in order glued and addressed
  • the output is a postal envelope with an insert inserted inside for example a leaflet or booklet of up to 16 pages and provided with personification and/or numbering
  • roll width 500 mm
  • computer controlled
  • memory for orders
  • manufacturer CMC, Citta Di Castello - PG, Italy
  • Hunkeler unwinder year 2008
  • Merger - automatic system for processing continuous paper of 2Up format max paper width 510 mm
  • UTD 90 - 90° paper rotation
  • Cutter - cutter with pinless feed and reader for BBC - Code 39, 2 of 5 interved Code 128 Codebar UPC/EAN Code 49
  • min weight of paper 70 gr/m2
  • max paper weight 150 gr/m2
  • collecting - high-speed collection system
  • folding - high-speed 4 pocket folding module set (1 to 8 sheets of 70 gr/m2 paper)
  • BC 800 - 1 D and 2 D reader located on the cutter
  • TCI - interface module
  • B12 - buffer unit
  • stitching module - equipped with 4 heads speed 1 and 2 page 15,000 pages/hour 3 and 4 pages 12,000 pages/hour
  • the values ​​given are valid for a fixed number of pages
  • min size open format 166 x 120 mm
  • max size open format size 210 x 305 mm
  • A2J - two modules for 2 document feeders
  • A4J - module for 3 document feeders
  • A14JD - 3 units
  • SEP1 - 3 units rotary separator for document feeder max thickness 3 mm
  • trimming module
  • JWR 30K/2C
  • R3P
  • HM4
  • automatic gluing system
  • C4
  • hardware and software system
  • R2
  • min/max envelope format
  • length 100/350 mm
  • width 100/230 mm
  • height 1/15 mm
  • max speed 30,000 cycles/hour
  • min cut 8 mm
  • max cut 25 mm
  • window die cot module HM1
  • additional gluing module
  • inline window die cut applicator
  • automatic production of envelope windows
  • max paper width 480 mm
  • envelope width (L) - 230 - 250 mm
  • window width (C) - 90 mm
  • window height (D) - 50 mm
  • glassine minimum height - 70 mm
  • flap die cut system - envelope width (L) - 230 - 250 mm
  • flap length (H) - 0 - 100 mm
  • F - 23 mm
  • G - 30 mm
  • BC800 - 1D and 2D readers (5 pcs.)
  • BC800 Log - 1D and 2D reader for logging
  • R2AS
  • on edge conveyor V2
  • output unit
  • length 2000 mm
  • min envelope size 100m H x 180mm W
  • max envelope size 230mm H x 330mm W
  • max thickness 8 mm
  • max speed 30,000 envelopes/hour DL and C5
  • 10,000 for C4 format
  • PC ADD
  • RW management ( Read and Write )
  • selectivity management
  • matching management (up to 10 documents)
  • zip-code change/bundle change management
  • postal management
  • data storage
  • data pre-processing
  • barcode management
  • 8 injet serial printhead management
  • thermal printer management
  • autosync
  • vacuum pump with sound reducing box

Condition of the Machine

  • Functional, condition and wear and tear according to its age, well maintained.
  • Dismantled and stored.
  • Availability: immediately
  • Sale Reason: closing company
  • Disclaimer: The Condition of the Machine assessment presented in this CV was either obtained from the last machine operator or is based on an inspection performed by our employee, just to provide you with as much information as possible.
    For more certainty we recommend your own check or an assessment of an independent mechanic. We cannot provide you with any machine guarantee.


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