Curriculum Vitae of the machine Reference number: 18507





Special Offer

Manufacturer: Hunkeler AG, 4806 Wikon, Switzerland
Production Year: 2009
Availability: immediately
Work Experiences: paper and cardboard from 40 to 300 g / m2
Sale Reason: surplus equipment sale
Condition of the Machine: very good condition, well-maintained
still in production
Disclaimer: The Condition of the Machine assessment presented in this CV was either obtained from the last machine operator or is based on an inspection performed by our employee, just to provide you with as much information as possible.
For more certainty we recommend your own check or an assessment of an independent mechanic. We cannot provide you with any machine guarantee.
More Details:
unwinder UW 7 year 2010
min. roll width 165 mm
max roll width 670 mm
max roll diameter 1200 mm
min. the length of the format is 88.9 mm
maximum format length 1574.8 mm
Max speed 180 m / min.