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A Curriculum Vitae (CV), (also spelled curriculum vitæ), provides an overview of a person's experience and other qualifications. In some countries, a CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding a job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, when seeking employment. Curriculum Vitae is a Latin expression which can be loosely translated as [the] course of [my] life.

In some way, the machines in our offer are like human job applicants. Some machines are almost new, like a freshly graduated person, while others already have many years of work experience behind themselves. Some machines are more suitable for one kind of activity, whereas others are more suitable for another kind of activity. But, what all the machines have in common is that, from various reasons, all of them are at the moment freed from their last services and are searching for the possibility of a new employment. So, through the CV of every particular machine, meet all the information we were able to get on them.


Gathering and Perfect Binding Line


Special Offer

Manufacturer: Kolbus GmbH & Co KG, Rahden, Germany
Production Year: about 2005
Max. Size/Width: 320x460 mm (12.6"x18.1")

More Details:
gathering ZU 804.L 16 stations
one manual loading station
stack height in feeder 240 mm
air nozzles in the transport channel
Ratiobinder KM 470 perfect binder
EVA - Hotmelt
21 clamps
cover feeder
milling cutter
three knife trimmer HD 150.B

Availability: immediately
Sale Reason: surplus equipment sale
Condition of the Machine: very good condition, well maintained, worn out according to its age
still in production
Disclaimer: The Condition of the Machine assessment presented in this CV was either obtained from the last machine operator or is based on an inspection performed by our employee, just to provide you with as much information as possible.
For more certainty we recommend your own check or an assessment of an independent mechanic. We cannot provide you with any machine guarantee.
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